Royal Roots

Discovering our European Ancestors

Emperor Charlemagne

King Charles I of France (Charlemagne) is a grandfather to many persons in our family tree. As a result we have many kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, etc. as grandparents and cousins.


Monarchy, the political system as we have known it since ancient times.
It is mentioned not only in the Bible, where the king was given to the Israelites by God Himself, but also in other, oldest documents of mankind. Republics rose and fell, but monarchies continued and lived to see our times in many places of the world. Even today, many sociologists, historians, politicians and ordinary people consider the monarchy to be the best political system that consolidated societies and the country led to sustainable development.

Without judging the biographies of individual rulers, on our pages we will try to recreate the family trees of many of them. As far as possible, we will enrich this information with descriptions of the characters and times in which they came to rule.


Skjöldr (Latinized as Skioldus, sometimes Anglicized as Skjold or Skiold) was among the first legendary Danish kings.

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